Experience and trust

Manis-h has developed and produced children’s furniture since 1972, with a strong knowledge of the product with children’s needs and requirements in mind. Manis-h cares about every single aspect from start to finish and offers incredible flexibility to meet your requirements.


Made in Denmark

Manis-h products are developed, designed and produced in Denmark, with full control of production in its own own factory. Product development is a result of close collaboration with experts and children where the product is regularly tested and tried out on a daily basis to get the ”real” effect and durability of the product, and most importantly to seek the children’s input, which is said to be important.


Safety Tested

Manis-h beds are designed and developed in accordance with BS EN 747 for safety testing and approval. This means that every conceivable detail regarding the safety of beds for children and young people has been taken into consideration. There is no compromise on the safety of our products. Our beds are tested by TÜV and FCBA in France, both globally recognized testing organisations.


First Class Quality

First class quality is important for Manis-h. The beds are made of solid wood without any rough spots, combined with bedrails and boards made in heavy and solid MDF. The paint is water-based and therefore does not contain harmful chemicals. Surfaces are tested and approved just like the rest of the bed in accordance with the most stringent European standards.


Availability Guarantee

Manis-h offers a five-year availability guarantee on (standard) parts for its bed system. This means that you will be able to acquire the parts needed to adapt your bed, cabin bed, bunk bed or elevated bed for at least five years after initial purchase.


Product Warranty

Manis-h offers a 10-year product warranty against manufacturing defects. This is your guarantee that the product meets our stringent quality demands. Please note that normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty.


Bed System

Buy wisely; think long-term. With a simple and manageable building system, the bed can meet the child’s needs throughout the entire childhood and adolescence: from day bed to bed, from junior bed to large bed, from bed to medium-height bed, from bunk bed to loft bed – and back again. Just as you wish or need. 


20 Colours

Children love colours! Colours stimulate senses and increase creativity. Choose between 20 beautiful colours for your bed. Let your child choose his favourite colour and bring life to his bedroom.



You decide the lengths! Customization according to individual measurements is a possible. Yes, Manis-h can adapt the bed to your needs! If there is room for only a bed measuring say 173.45 cm in length, we adapt the bed accordingly. A bed with special measures is made by Manis-h skilled cabinet makers in Denmark.

Price List